The Fight for Water & Treaty Rights in the Great Lakes

The Film

line_wh2The waters of the Great Lakes are under threat – a resurgence of industrial mining has resulted in an expansion of both exploration and permitting of hard rock mining. Trust, a feature-length HD video documentary examines the effect of mining on Great Lakes ecosystems and lifestyles, questions the support of mining by regional politicians who work with mineral companies to rewrite environmental legislation, and explores how treaty rights can serve to strengthen environmental protections.

While other films have explored the problems associated with mineral exploration in individual communities, Trust will examine the issue with a regional perspective focused on the Great Lakes and will also explore treaty rights as a potential method of environmental protection. As environmental attorney Dean B. Suagee asks and answers, “Where do American Indian and Alaska Native cultures fit into the landscape of environmental protection and natural resource management?…a lot of places.” He continues, “…the larger American society could benefit from enhanced appreciation of and respect for tribal cultural values concerning the web of life and from greater attention to incorporating some of these values into the framework of environmental law.”

Recommended Reading

Suagee, Dean B. “Tribal Environmental Policy Acts and the Landscape of Environmental Law”.  Natural Resources & Environment, Volume 23, Number 4, Spring 2009.


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